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Rental PropertyWhen it comes to rental homes with Property ManagementPhoenix companies, we all know how important it is to keep your tenant satisfied when renting property from you. If tenants experience positive results when leasing a home and the property manager upholds the property, they are more likely to renew their lease. Keeping occupants happy can become challenging, however, by hiring a professional property management company, as Opulent Real Estate Group provides clients peace of mind that their tenants are safe. By following some key aspects to keep your residents satisfied you are furthermore keeping the proprietors’ property occupied.

Welcome new tenants

Welcome new tenants with a welcome packet that includes procedures and rules defined by your Phoenix Property Management Company. Include in the package particulars and references relevant to repair requests, local, utility resources, rent collection, and contact information from property entail to Property Management Company to address their requirements.

Address tenants complaints

When it comes to tenant, complaints address them professionally and promptly. Whether it entails repair requests or complaints of a boisterous neighbor, politely resolve the problem as fast as possible. This makes your tenant think that they are top priority and keeps them satisfied with their rental experience.

Resolve Maintenance requests as soon as possible

Rental HomeAs a Property ManagementPhoenix Company, we know how important maintenance requests are. When tenants report, repairs, resolve them as soon as possible. Keep maintenance requests categorized from high to low priority to differentiate among repairs that are important and needs repairing first. When taking care of the priority repairs first, you keep all your tenants happy when renting property from you.

Develop Pleasant Relationships

By developing a pleasant relationship with your tenant, you are building a great business relationship to ensure that the renter is content in extending their lease agreement with your Phoenix Property Management Company. Get to know the small details about tenants’ families, hobbies, jobs, birthdays, etc. Every time you communicate with them, have a casual conversation with them by discussing one of these topics. This makes occupants feel at home and appreciated knowing that their property manager cares about their welfare, allowing for a longer time of leasing.

Respect your tenant’s privacy

When it comes to respect it is a two way street. As you want the occupants to respect the property they are renting from you, they want respect from the property management company they are renting. The biggest disappointment is when a property manager arrives at their home without warning, and if you do need to visit the tenant make an appointment to consult them. If you have garden maintenance and housekeeping as part of the agreement do not let it slide.

Cosmetic Improvements

Always improve rental properties with improvements that enhance the appeal of the property or apartment. Even something as fresh flowers placed in lobbies can make a difference when renters rent an apartment from your Phoenix Property Management Company. For long-term renters, provide them with some fresh paint or a professional carpet cleaning service every few years to make sure that they prolong their stay.

Reward good tenants

If you find that a tenant has planted some flowers or trees on properties rented from you, and are going beyond to make sure that they upkeep the rental property, reward them. Send them a dinner or a coffee gift card. Always remember that they are your client and a little appreciation goes a long way.

The Opulent Real Estate Group is specialists in tenant preservation rates. We do your best in providing our client residents the finest leasing experience possible through quick conflict resolution, communication, and our capability to connect with tenants on a personal level. When in need, contact us to provide you with all your rental requirements and our property managers will help you with all you need in property rentals.

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